The Citadel at Whitepeak.

The Citadel at Whitepeak, a massive black tangle of towers and dungeons high in the mountains to the east, is where the gifted few go to train and become Fion. Clad in black, armed with cursed blades, and adorned with the knuckle bones of their slain foes inscribed with runes of power, the Fion are the wizard-warriors of the Sinnach Empire. They serve as shock troops, inquisitors, secret police, praetorians, and the boogie men old maids tell to scare children. They have decided wars, made and unmade emperors, loosed and bound unspeakable things, and any common man knows to bow his head as they pass.

Only those with the gift may train at the Citadel to become Fion and as fate would have it, you are gifted.

Unfortunately, your talent may be less of a gift than a curse. As practitioners of black magics,the Fion, although feared and respected, are pariahs even in Sinnach society. Famous for their cruelty, the Fion follow a violent, egoist philosophy that places the accumulation of power above all else. Your training at the Citadel will undoubtedly be punishing and difficult. You may not even survive. If your fellow students don’t put an end to you, your own master’s demands might.


In Citadel at Whitepeak, players take on the role of young initiates and eventually apprentices at the Citadel, attempting to survive the trials and horrors of their training. It’s a light horror setting that emphasizes good, if naive, characters being stuck in terrible systems. Players will have the chance to play young heroes who go bad as they driven to ever more extreme lengths to survive the Citadel’s training, long suffering characters who retain their humanity even in the worst situations, or even bad eggs who get a glimpse of what real cruelty is. Whatever the case, these kids won’t be the same by the end.

Think the myths of Scholomance, meets House Slytherin, crossed with the Sith temples from KOTOR. A school where children are encouraged to be evil little shits and summon demons. Fion teaching encourages taking advantage of the weak and gaining personal power. The Citadel is a place where PCs will have to face off against evil monsters in traditional dungeon crawls as they plumb the depth of the Citadel’s labyrinthine burial tombs, while also fighting off or at least outwitting fellow students, their own masters, and even their fellow players through roleplay, non-lethal duels and backhanded scheming. Trust is in short supply at the Citadel.

At the same time the dangerous nature of the Citadel ensures that a PC group that can’t work together, won’t last very long at all. Additionally, the masters of the citadel want strong warriors not apprentices, and the structure of the Citadel’s training is designed to ensure that. Apprentices are all assigned to groups and penalized for not working cooperatively in those groups. Further, apprentices that intentionally harm their peers are, at best, severely punished.

Citadel at Whitepeak