The Adlyr are a secretive and mysterious people historically ruled by the mysterious Druid Council. The Adlyr inhabit the dense forests south of the frigid northern tundra; generally referred to by outsiders as The Wilds. The Adlyr people takes the eagle as their sigil.

The Adlyr live a fairly simple life mainly consisting of rudimentary agriculture supplemented by hunting and gathering. The wilds are tremendously abundant and it is rare that the people have less than they need. Thanks to this abundance, and the wisdom of the druids, Adlyrs also enjoy what is probably the best medicine in Tellach. Adler remedies and medicines are sought out and treasured across the globe.

The Adlyr have lived under Sinnach rule since ever since their defeat at the hands of the Fiion and one of their own druids, Varden. Varden, attempting to conquer the Fion and the Sinnach by any means, assumed control of the Citadel at Whitepeak after a bloody conquest fueled by druidic magic and supported by a splinter group of Fion. For nearly a decade Varden ruled the northern half of the continent with an iron first. Paranoid and tyrannical Varden eventually subjected his own people to the same treatment. By the time the Fion masters deposed Varden, the Adlyr were in no condition to resist Sinnach occupation. Varden has gone down in Adlyr history as the greatest traitor their people have ever known.

Before their defeat at the hands the Empire, House Adler was ruled by a council of mysterious druids. Although day to day life was controlled by the small isolated hamlets and towns that make up the Adlyr nation, the druids acted as religious leaders. While they were at times capricious and demanding, there are even legends of human sacrifices and rituals through which human beings were fused with animals, the Druids upheld centuries of beloved tradition. Their deposement by the Sinnach was hugely unpopular among the common people of the tribe.

These wounds were painfully reopened during the recent Sinnach civil war. During the conflict the Adlyr supported Lord Murdoch, supplying troops and rations to his forces. In payment and as a natural result of the stain on Sinnach forces, the Adlyr gained an increasing degree of autonomy. Yet at the end of the war, when the Adlyr demanded that the throne recognize a newly formed Druid Council, Murdoch responded by sending Fion agents to slaughter the council members and install his own puppet councilmen.

Racial Traits:

  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma: The Adlyr are a wise but reclusive folk, accustomed to living in their forest homes.
  • Medium size
  • Normal speed
  • Child of the Wild: Adlyr receive a +2 racial bonus to knowledge nature, handle animal, and survival checks.
  • Natural Magic: Adlyr add +2 on spellcraft checks to avoid mishaps when casting divine spells. Adlyr with a wisdom of 11 or higher also gain the following spell-like abilities:
    1/day—know direction and calm animal. The caster level for these effects is equal to the Adlyr’s level. The DC for these spells is equal to 10 + the spell’s level + the Adlyr’s wisdom modifier.

Adlyr Druid

Until your recruitment into the Fion, you were destined to join the ranks of the highest caste in Adlyr society, the druids, a group so mysterious that even the Sinnach can only guess at their location and goals. You were trained from an early age to be completely at home in the wild. But before you could master the druids’ ancient art and lore you were handed off to the Fion. Perhaps you were kidnapped. Maybe it was a political concession to the Empire. Whatever the case, you are likely to never see your home again.

  • Suggested Strength: Survivalist or Druidic Training
  • Suggested Weakness: Uncultured or Obsessed
  • Suggested Classes: Druid, Ranger, Cleric, Witch, Summoner
  • Forbidden Classes: Cavalier, Inquisitor, Paladin, Wizard

Adlyr Tribesman

You belong to the secretive Adlyr tribe that inhabits the northern forests. Most would think your lifestyle savage and superstitious, but you grown up in a world of druidic rituals and ancient spirits. Not that you understood these things. You likely never journeyed more than a few miles from the village of your birth.

  • Suggested Strength: Survivalist or Stealthy
  • Suggested Weakness: Naïve or Uncultured
  • Suggested Classes: Barbarian, Ranger, Rogue
  • Forbidden Classes: Cavalier, Inquisitor, Paladin, Wizard


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