Since The Charter the Sinnach have taken the fox as their house symbol which has come to represent their pride and nobility. Excellent builders and weaponsmiths, it is said that Sinnach steel is second only to weapons of the first age. Over the past three hundred years, the Sinnach have built an economic and military empire which spans nearly the entire Dysian continent, subjugating the other two tribes on Dysion, the Adlyr and the Vilsven. Dominion over the continent has come to be seen as a racial inheritance, the right of the Sinnach people to rule in virtue of their nobility and superior strength.

A great part of the Sinnach’s success in empire building was due to their use of black magic. Several Vilsven invasions were repelled with the help of Fion forces and today Fion masters act as the elite forces of the Empire. Fion warriors guard noble families, Fion outriders patrol the Empire’s colonies, and Fion warbands have aided Sinnach armies in more than one war.

It is said that the Sinnach have magic in their blood and it shows in their fiery red hair. Some even have dark red eyes. The Sinnach have a natural aptitude for magic. Even untrained members of the house can work magic with surprising ease and prowess. This aptitude, combine with their connection with the Fion, has gained them the distrust of most people in Tellach.

The palest tribe in Tellach, the Sinnach have red hair and green, brown, or dark red eyes. They tend to be shorter but hardily built. Sinnach favor robes of fine wool or light cloth or iron plate or scale armor. The use of rose madder dye is also quite common, particularly among those of status. Tradition has it that Lord Sinnach and his descendants wore long cloaks of blood red, a tradition that Sinnach lords often emulate. Fur lining often serves as a status symbol as well. In particular the fur of a white wolf is considered particularly impressive.

Racial Traits:

  • +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma, -2 Strength: The Sinnach are hardy and willful but tend to be smaller.
  • Medium
  • Normal Speed
  • Strength of Will: Sinnach receive a +1 racial bonus on all saving throws.
  • Frost Born: Sinnach receive receive a +2 on survival checks in cold climates.
  • Magically Adept: Sinnach receive a +2 racial bonus to Knowledge Arcana.

Highborn Sinnach

You were born to a powerful lord in the Sinnach Empire, possibly even a Fion warrior. You grew up in a wealthy hall in Sinnapol or a keep some distance away. You were doubtless educated in both letters and warfare. You may have even been so lucky as to have your magical talents discovered and nurtured at an early age.

  • Suggested Strength: Combat Training or Well-Educated
  • Suggested Weakness: Prideful or Conniving
  • Suggested Classes: Fighter, Wizard, Magus, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Paladin
  • Forbidden Classes: Barbarian, Druid, Witch

Lowborn Sinnach

You grew up on the streets of Sinnapol or working the surrounding land for a lord. Education and training were denied you, but your life was tough and you learned to be strong at an early age. Whether through the smarts of a street urchin or the strength of a farmhand, the mere fact that you are still alive means that you developed skills that will serve you well at the Citadel.

  • Suggested Strength: Stealthy or Resilient
  • Suggested Weakness: Uncultured or Dull-witted
  • Suggested Classes: Rogue, Sorcerer, Magus, Witch
  • Forbidden Classes: Paladin, Wizard, Cavalier, Inquisitor , Druid


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