Grandmaster Barrok

Grandmaster of the Citadel


A large man, not fat or muscular merely largely built—broad shoulders, tall. He wears heavy, gold and black robes with a wide gold metal mantle and a gold mask with only slits at the eyes and mouth—cold, impersonal, and imposing.

Lord of the Citadel, all other masters have to obey his commands. Fion care only for power, but Barrok takes it to the extreme. His every waking moment is spent calculating how best to extend and preserve his domination. Friends and family mean nothing to him. He is plagued by paranoia and distrust.

He is the only master who never removes his mask, even when alone with his apprentice he keeps it on.

Barrok believes in the right of the strongest. There are two types of people: the weak and the strong. The strong take what they want, the weak suffer what they must. If one cannot secure right by one’s own strength, making others weak is an acceptable substitute.

Grandmaster Barrok

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