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Citadel at Whitepeak is a series of light horror adventures set in Tellach, a world in which the dead do not rest easy and magic is always dangerous. In Tellach, the spirits of the dead continue to linger in the world centuries after their death, perhaps even longer. If they are not appeased with proper rituals and honors, they return to take vengeance on the living. All magic in Tellach is the result of these spirits. There are no other planes of existence, no deities or higher powers. All magical creatures, from demons to undead, are manifestations of the spirits of the dead in the world of the living.

Spells works by drawing upon these spirits, imploring them for aid or binding them to the adept’s will. The former is practiced by all the tribes of Tellach and is used to heal the sick, make small divinations, and bless the harvest. The latter is called black magic.

Attempting to bind the spirits of the dead, black magic, is enormously risky. All spells involve the caster opening herself up as a conduit for the dead. Even benign magic, which calls upon honored spirits, always runs the risk of an angry spirit taking advantage of the caster. Black magic actively seeks to channel powerful, restless spirits. An adept unable to control a channeled spirit can cause all manner of destruction. It’s not unheard of for a single adept to cause the destruction of an entire village.

Because of the danger it poses, black magic has been taboo in every time and place in Tellach, except for one: The Citadel at Whitepeak, home to the Fion Order.

In these adventures you’ll take on the life of a student at the Citadel, subject to the demands of their masters but given considerable license in completing their assigned tasks. All of the action takes place at the Citadel involving a static cast of Master Fion, fellow students, and other denizens of the Citadel and follows a roughly linear plot. Additionally, however, players will have to compete with the student body for standing and appease the demands of whatever Master they are assigned to. These latter elements are dynamic and may play out very differently depending on the player’s actions. Thus each run through of CaW will play very differently.

On a session by session level this means that considerable in-game attention should be given to exploring the Citadel, interacting with various NPCs, and following plot lines, but time should regularly be spent on the PCs continual struggle against their fellow students to gain power and reputation. All while attempting to achieve their personal tasks and goals. Balancing these should provide the group clear direction and structure while giving them considerable freedom to choose what they want to do — at least that’s the idea.

Additionally, you can expect a fair amount of behind one on one interaction between your character and various NPCs, especially the master you are apprenticed to. Most of this will occur through email or this wiki.


In Citadel at Whitepeak you’ll take on the role of a young (15-19 yo) apprentice forcibly recruited to be trained as a member of the Order. Info for making your characters can be found on the Character Creation page.

Your characters will be from one of the three tribes native to Dysion, the continent where the campaign takes place.

There’s also a short questionnaire to help flesh out your characters on the Character Backgrounds page.

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